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Click here for overall rankings.

Click here for individual class results.

Things You Need to Know. It’s Important!

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Looking for pre-race information?  Get started by downloading some race notes, a course map and waiver by clicking here.  More information will be hitting your inbox soon!



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Thanks for making it happen!  We appreciate all of you that have shown interest in the 2015 6WC.  Thank you for supporting the trail system at W Kerr Scott Dam & Reservoir.


We're Full!

Set Your Alarms…

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…or maybe tie a string around your finger.  Registration opens on November 1, 2014 at 9AM.

Now Featured on MTB Project

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View the 2014 6WC race course from your recliner!  In partnership with MTB Project, this year’s race course is online.  Settle in with your favorite Natty Greene’s and find the perfect passing lane or identify the climb where you’ll crush souls and scare babies and old ladies!  Click on over to see what it’s all about.

Sunrise at the Dub C!

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We’re busy getting ready! How about you?

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New Logo

Ever Wonder Why We Do It…

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We enjoy building the berms as much as you enjoy riding them!  We’re also very appreciative of your participation in our events because your entry fee goes directly to this…


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So it has taken a week to post, we know, we’re slow.  The hangover has worn off from the race so it’s time to get back to business.  Let the trash talking and lost bets begin!  Click HERE.

Thanks again for contributing to the success of the 2012 6WC!

He’ll Make You Famous!

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Fellow mountain biker and genius photographer Ryan Sigsbey could be spotted all over Warrior Creek this past Saturday.  Click his logo to relive the fun!